Being consistent with your savings and decision making is tough.

Too many of us walk through life with no training. We are unaware of our personal financial situation and have nowhere to turn. We know we can be better – but where do we start?


Understand Your Money and Improve Your Personal Business.

Budget Boot Camp is a step by step guide to improve your personal budget. We all earn income and have expenses. The pillars of Budget Boot Camp rely on the TWO custom built fully functional spreadsheets that each of you will receive – the MONTHLY BUDGET and EXPENSE BUDGET tool

  • WEEK 1: Introduction to Monthly Budget tool – Understanding Cash Flow, Income, Expenses, and Weekly Checkbook.
  • WEEK 2: Introduction to Expense Budget tool – Understanding Your Future Goals, Customizing Your Expenses, and Recognizing Bottom Line.
  • WEEK 3: Improving Your Monthly Budget – How To Minimize Your Weekly Checkbook, Controlling Expenses, and Funding Baseline.
  • WEEK 4: Improving Your Personal Budget – Finalizing Your Personal Budget, and Understanding Your Bottom Line.


To make a positive change with our health or wellness – you hire a Professional. We care about your personal finance, and are ready to guide you through your challenges.

HIIT (High Intensity Investment Training)

The Class Your High School Didn’t Teach You Is Here

HIIT is a 4 Week Fast Paced Program designed to teach individuals the fundamentals of investment education in a simple format.

  • WEEK 1: Introduction to Investing – Benefits, Risk, and Common Beginner Mistakes.
  • WEEK 2: Introduction to Accounts – Bank Account, Brokerage Account, Retirement Accounts, and College Savings Accounts.
  • WEEK 3: Introduction to Vehicles – Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs and other Investments.
  • WEEK 4: Understanding the Market – Economic Sectors, Dollar Cost Averaging, Asset Allocation, and History of the Market.

HIIT also provides examples incorporating the following:

IRA 401(k) Asset Allocation
Roth IRA 403(b) Asset Style Type


We need to start with our financial foundation. We are our own business. Each of us have earned income and associated expenses. How do we make our business as healthy as possible? How do we create bottom lines we can be proud of – that transition into extraordinary financial success? What does long term financial success look like?


The Financial Fitness Bundled Packages includes the Budget Boot Camp and the HIIT (High Intensity Investment Training).

This comprehensive package will build your financial foundation and provide investment education in a simple format that ensures members develop free cash flow, and are then prepared to take action.

All Financial Fitness Programs utilize Facebook private groups. Members who are not active on Facebook will be instructed to a private Workplace group.

Budget Boot Camp and HIIT gives you the opportunity to learn from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional while being apart of a like minded community. Join other individuals who are interested in improving their personal financial situation.

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Let’s build something we can be proud of together.


Contact us today and let us help you achieve your financial goals.