August Market Commentary

Stocks posted strong gains in August with U.S. large company growth stocks leading the way. In addition, large company U.S. and International stocks posted robust gains. On the other hand, bonds posted modest losses as investors sold bonds to buy stocks. As the economy continues to rebound from the devastation related to the COVID-19 lockdowns this spring, investors remain hopeful for a full economic recovery and a vaccine approval sooner than expected.

After another month of gains in the stock market amid an unprecedented health crisis and stalemate in Congress for an additional coronavirus package, we are asked why the stock market continued to rise in August? Much is being written about this topic. Besides the massive monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve, we believe there are two additional reasons for continued strength in the stock market:

1. U.S. economic data is not as bad as feared

2. COVID-19 infections and deaths have been on a steady decline.

There were multiple economic statistics reported in August demonstrating continued strength in the economic recovery. In early August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the economy added another 1.8 million jobs in July. This exceeded expectations and provides three straight months of improvement. Also, in early August, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Purchasing Managers’ Index for Manufacturing and Services indicated expansion in the overall economy for the third month in a row. Lastly, on August 21st, the National Association of Realtors reported a 24.7% increase in July sales of existing homes. While the pandemic and low interest rates have contributed to a strong housing market, these trends bolster the case for a healing economy. Another reason for August stock market gains is improving data regarding COVID-19 infections and deaths. After the daily number of COVID-19 cases peaked in mid-July near 75,000, daily cases have dropped significantly to approximately 30,000 by the end of August. In addition, the death rate from COVID-19 has slowed. While COVID-19 cases and deaths are arguably too high, investors remain optimistic the coronavirus pandemic can be contained, leading to a much stronger economy in 2021.

As we enter the final 60-day period prior to the November presidential elections, it is time for us to address what may be the most unpredictable outcome of the election – the timing of when we know who has won! In the 2000 presidential election, it took five weeks to declare the winner. During that time, the stock market suffered a correction while lawsuits were filed, and the Supreme Court became involved. While the infamous “hanging chad” became an issue, the outcome of this year’s election may likely come down to absentee ballots. These votes may be the largest in history, and these ballots may take longer to process and lead to market uncertainty. Since this appears to be a contentious election, we will not be surprised to see some drama in the final vote tally to determine the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Changes in the pace of economic recovery, vaccine development/approval and election results remain some of the driving forces in the markets. We believe volatility may accelerate in the fall season as these uncertainties manifest. Therefore, we advise staying focused on long-term goals and to avoid the distractions of daily news flow.

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Congratulations to Ryan McCarthy!

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